About Pratik Patil

Born in 1973 in Kolhapur, Maharashtra to former Lok Sabha member Prakashbapu Patil, Pratik Prakashbapu Patil has always aspired to do something worthwhile for the common man. He was destined to be a visionary and a leader to his fellow men. Belonging to a political family by birth, Pratik Patil has pursued his studies in automobile engineering from Padmabhooshan Vasant Dada Patil Institute of Technology in Sangli District, Maharashtra, founded by his grandfather Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Even though he was geared up to become an engineer, however, politics beckoned to him at a young age and he was elected in by-election  to the 14th Lok Sabha in 2006, representing Sangli.

Student Life

As a student, Pratik Patil was more socially inclined and became the first president of the Diploma Engineers Association. In that capacity, he facilitated cultural interactions between students of various states through functions and other activities, thereby creating unity in diversity. He was also instrumental in organizing blood donation camps for keeping the blood banks well stocked for emergencies. Pratik Patil turned into an industrialist in his second year of college and started managing various family businesses while completing his diploma course.

Political Career - the Onset

Similar to his late grandfather who was a visionary for the state of Maharashtra and a pioneer in building 8 non-aided engineering colleges in the early 80s, the first of which being Padmabhooshan Vasant Dada Patil Institute of Technology in Sangli, Pratik Patil has been lending a hand in fulfilling various social causes. He plunged into politics in the year 1998 when he became a Corporator at Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation, a position he held until 2003. He was elected the chairman of Vasantdada Shetkari Sahari, Sugar Factory, Sangli in 1999 in the midst of personal turmoil as his father had to undergo emergency operation in UK, and held the office till 2004.

Following his father’s death in 2005, Pratik Patil was elected to 14th Lok Sabha in by-election, representing the Congress in the Sangli constituency. He held the portfolio of a Member of the Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests in 2006.

The Political Journey

The Patil family has always been loyal to the Indian National Congress and the Sangli constituency has been diligently governed for three generations for the last forty years. Pratik Patil got re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha in 2009 to serve a second term. He has been the Union Minister of State, Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises as well Youth Affairs and Sports in the same year. Presently, he is the Union Minister of State for Coal.

To date, Pratik Patil has served as president of various organizations and has also chaired various committees (see biography). As President of Vasantdada Seva Pratisthan, he plays a pivotal role in reaching out to the villagers of his constituency with the help of Vasant Sevaks who are youths appointed for identifying the problems of the villagers and bringing them to the notice of the government.

Pratik Patil is also a founder of several organizations, viz. Hind Ratna Prakash Bapu blood bank (in Sangli), Padmabhooshan Vasant Dada Patil Dandoba Vikas Sanstha (in Sangli), Padmabhooshan Vasant Dada Patil Institute of Technology (Bavdhan, Pune) amongst many others.

Social Causes – Leader of the Masses

Following a successful career in politics, mainly fueled by his desire to fulfill various social and cultural activities for creating a better life for the poor farmers and the downtrodden in Maharashtra, Pratik Patil is a peoples' representative, striving to move with the masses and take them forward. He has helped the youth to get technical education by opening an engineering college as well as aided farmers of drought hit areas to conserve water through small natural sources and grow crops properly. Being far-sighted and liberal, he has worked hard to help SC/ST and minorities for equality and peace.

Pratik Patil is an industrialist, agriculturist and a social worker. He strongly believes in empowering the youth to create a better future. In this regard, he makes strenuous efforts to provide jobs to youth who are jobless and gets involved in the day-to-day problems of the farmers, steering them towards technological progress in various agricultural activities.

Pilot Projects for Better Governance

Politics has always been complicated for the common man’s understanding and schemes and subsidies announced by the central and state governments remain unreachable, though never inaccessible, to the people due to lack of proper awareness. Since 2009, Pratik Patil has been instrumental in interacting with the youth and the villagers from his constituency and creating awareness through gatherings, brochures and pamphlets about the various schemes available to them and also the means to access them either online or directly from the government offices. He has been assisting people to use the IVR technique for further cognizance with the help of various awareness drives.

Pratik Patil has a number of pilot projects in the pipeline awaiting government response and acceptance. Sponsorships and personal funds have been channelized into this cause since his main attempt is to connect better to the villagers in rural areas of his constituency for better governance and problem-solving capabilities. His vision is to set an example for other constituencies to follow, thereby leading to a far superior and expedited handling of the problems of the common man. To this effect, he is striving to set up video conferencing between the villagers and the governing bodies at various levels on time-sharing basis in order to get the issues brought to the notice of the concerned person directly, thereby making addressing and engaging the same almost instantly.

Moreover, the Constituency Management Software ideated by Pratik Patil will help identify each and every person in the constituency by virtue of personal profile, educational qualification, job details, etc. for reaching out and helping them faster and in a systematic manner.

Leisure and Pastime

When he is able to make time from his schedule, Pratik Patil likes to spend it on family and friends, sharing lighter moments with them. As a steady hobby, he is drawn by the latest automobiles available in the market and loves to drive different makes of cars as well as repairs them on his own.